Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Few Scene Revelations...and Possible Trailer?

Hello all!

I know, it's been awhile. A very long while. I've been so busy with school, it has not been easy keeping up with the writing. Thankfully, this four-week break from school has given me the opportunity to write more and complete more chapters.

Speaking of which, I just completed two more chapters along with a few important scenes throughout LTG: Zannophia. I don't write from beginning to end as many young writers might do. I write as things come into my mind. I will say that it is imperative that a writer should have a basic structure to their plot as well as plenty of back story, which I have found makes for a really good mystery element.

For your patience I am going to reveal a handful of scenes I've written over the past couple of weeks. These scenes will include:
  • A Gem Lord's grand mansion surrounded by a lavish water garden
  • The revelation of a Gem Lord in disguise
  • A battle between a Gem and a Demavoth
  • An explanation of Veniale and Mortale, two types of "peccatum" or transgressions, as well as the grim visuals of Veniale. You probably won't want to know what Mortale looks least not yet.
  • An introduction of the beautiful white, winged creatures called Swarlas (which some might say look like a cross between a swan, a dragon, and fantastical elements).
That is all I'm going to reveal about LTG: Zannophia at the moment. I'm working hard on it right now, so please be patient. But please don't stop bugging me about it. The more you ask about it, the more motivation I will have to write.

As a final thought, I was thinking about constructing and releasing a possible teaser trailer for the book. How does everyone feel about that?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments below or post your thoughts on my facebook page, which is now up and running >>!/pages/Xena-Quill/125446854210649?sk=info
Thank you, as always, for your loyalty and support. I look forward to hearing from you soon!



  2. YES!!!! THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME! I really REALLY want to read the I'm going to ask a question. I really want to "meet" the characters, how can I? Other than the profiles.

  3. All that is available for viewing of "meeting" the characters would be on the Xena Quill website at the following link:
    That's as close as you'll get to meeting the characters. I'm working hard on the writing right now, so keep your hopes up.